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Preventing consumers from changing visibility photos in Microsoft 365

Preventing consumers from changing visibility photos in Microsoft 365

Whenever you establish user pictures in Microsoft 365 (Office 365), they propagate through the whole Microsoft 365 occupant and programs incorporated with Azure offer. Which means these are typically exhibited in view, Teams, SharePoint, and a lot more. By default, any consumer changes their particular photo to anything that they like. This could be a problem for admins who would like to keep every thing so as. In this post, We’ll explain to you precisely why and the ways to prevent people from altering their particular images in Microsoft 365.

Precisely why to stop customers from changing pictures in Microsoft 365?

The most crucial reasons to lock the power of users adjust their visibility photo would be to determine a unified artistic identification. If you do not restrict permissions, any user can overwrite the photo you (the administrator) establish on their behalf in Microsoft 365 to comply with your company’s guidelines. When users control their particular profile photos, you can’t really keep up with the same top quality across the entire business. What’s more, since consumers can change their particular photographs from certain different places, they could end up having various photo in a variety of Microsoft 365 programs (images can take doing 72 several hours to sync or can run into sync problem). That is why placing limits on account image management in Microsoft 365 is crucial for a number of organizations.

In which can people alter their own profile image?

The challenging spend avoiding consumers from changing her Office/Microsoft 365 photos is the fact that people can alter them from one or more place by themselves:

Luckily, since s honor the mindset on the net (OWA) policy options, so are there merely two options that need to be changed to just take complete power over user images in Microsoft 365.

Crucial: consumers can also transform their own images using the preceding URL: That’s where blocking gets difficult, but i am going to arrive at that.

Ideas on how to block customers from altering their own pictures in Microsoft 365

  1. Alter your mindset on the web plan.
  2. Arranged SharePoint Online permissions.
  3. Block use of the direct photograph settings website link.

To achieve this, you’ll want to use electricitylayer, Microsoft 365 admin middle, and do something about the URL that may be made use of as a backdoor.

Changes Outlook on the internet policy setup

Initially, you will need to starting an isolated PowerShell period towards Microsoft 365 (change on line). See instructions in this article.

If you’d like to lessen all customers from modifying her profile photographs, you need to change the default OWA (perspective throughout the Web) coverage. The default policy’s name is OwaMailboxPolicy-Default. While the name is changed, the default coverage gets recreated using default identity and will also be used on newly produced consumers. Due to the fact might have additional strategies that connect with a subset of users just, why don’t we earliest check exactly what policies you really have by run:

The results suggest that I only have the standard mindset on the net mailbox coverage, plus it allows users adjust their own profile images.

And that’s they. Within to 60 mins, all customers exactly who make an effort to alter their particular visibility pic will are not able to do so (unless they use SharePoint, but I’ll arrive at this next point).

When you need to prevent only a subset of people from altering their photo, you ought to establish an innovative new mailbox plan, change the SetPhotoEnabled attribute and designate they toward subset of customers. Read guidelines below.

Note: possible generate another view on line plan within the Exchange admin middle (EAC) and assign they to users. But presently, you can’t alter the SetPhotoEnabled factor by using this program, so I’ll show the whole procedure making use of PowerShell only.

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